Delivery & Installation

Delivery & Installation

We pride ourselves in the interest that we take in our products throughout their life long life cycle. This starts with the care we take during manufacture; each couch is made especially for you the customer, as we don’t carry stock of finished couches our built team know who the customer is for each couch they build.

UK Mainland Delivery

Where possible we like to deliver the couch to you with one of our trained Technicians who will;

  • Set the couch up for you
  • Ensure that it is clean
  • Ensure that it is undamaged
  • Ensure that it is complete
  • If requested he/she will be pleased to demonstrate operation and features
  • Remove the re-usable packaging

For delivery by our technician we will try to meet your needs in terms of Day and approximate Time of delivery, we deliver to most areas of UK mainland each week and will phone you to make arrangements. We are however affected by the vagaries of traffic.

For large orders we may arrange Technician Delivery with a larger vehicle.

Delivery Van Couch Packing

Carrier and Export Delivery

If you need the couch faster than we can get a Technician to you, or if you wish to put the couch into store or if you are overseas (Inc UK islands) carrier delivery will be the best option. In these cases the carrier will leave the couch on your premises, they are unable to un-wrap or position the couch.

The couch will be delivered complete, so no assembly is needed. We take great care to wrap your couch securely, and will include full operating instructions.

The couch will arrive with you as shown, and once un-wrapped it can be moved on its own wheels to the desired location.

For export deliveries we are happy to get a competitive quote for delivery, or you can arrange collection by your own carrier. We are happy to comply with any special packaging requirements in your country.

Warranty and Couch Servicing & Safety Inspection

Your couch is very robustly constructed and will operate for many years without attention. It also comes with a comprehensive parts and labour warranty to cover manufacturing or material defects of 7 years for the frame and 3 years for other parts. Damage or loss of parts during use could shorten the life of the couch, or in extreme cases render the couch un-safe to use. For this reason we recommend that you arrange for our Trained Technician to undertake a Safety Inspection and Service. A full list of checks and work conducted during this process is available on request, however the main points are:

  • Check Security of all fastenings
  • Clean and repaint any paint damage to avoid infection control issues
  • Replace minor parts that have been lost, at this point we are happy to fit any pre-ordered replacement upholstery sections*.

* Torn upholstery sections represent a significant infection control risk. If pre-advised the replacement will be 1/3 of normal price and fitted for free.