Podiatry Chair

Podiatry Chair


Medi-Plinth’s podiatry chair focuses on patient comfort, with armrests, thicker padding in the upholstery and a long backrest that reaches head height.


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Podiatry Chair (Electric Non-Tilting)

Product no.: BAC06E

£1,230.23 *

Podiatry Chair (Electric Tilting)

Product no.: BTC06E

£1,342.58 *

Podiatry Chair with Single Leg (Electric)

Product no.: BAC04E

£1,179.68 *

Podiatry Chair with Single Leg (Electric Tilting)

Product no.: BAC04TE

£1,292.03 *

New Column lift "Drop End" Tilting Podiatry

Product no.: BT07ETC

£1,533.58 *

New Column lift "Drop End" Non-Tilting Podiatry

Product no.: BT07EC

£1,314.50 *
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