Starsys Carts

Starsys Carts

This is just a small range of the cart options available. All Flexline Carts can be configured to your exact specification - please call our sales team for further information.

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Starsys static catheter unit double

Product no.: SXRD72SCATH1

Starsys mobile gen supply double

Product no.: SXRD76CM3

Starsys mobile catheter unit double

Product no.: SXRD76MCATH1

Starsys static scope unit double

Product no.: SXRD88WSC1

Starsys Dressing Cart

Product no.: SXRDRS

Starsys static catheter unit single

Product no.: SXRS72SCATH1

Starsys mob gen supply single

Product no.: SXRS76CM5

Starsys mobile catheter unit single

Product no.: SXRS76MCATH1

Starsys Anaesthesia Cart

Product no.: SXRSANES

Starsys Arthroscopic Cart

Product no.: SXRSARTH

Starsys Cast Cart

Product no.: SXRSCAST

Starsys Critical Care Cart

Product no.: SXRSCCU

Starsys IV Therapy Cart

Product no.: SXRSIV

Starsys Trauma Cart

Product no.: SXRSTRAMA

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