Patient Trolley 3 Section (Hydraulic)

Patient Trolley 3 Section (Hydraulic)

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The Medi-Plinth patient trolley has been designed to enable examination/treatment and internal transportation. The design provides both flexibility and versatility, combining Medi-Plinths renowned features and the essential requirements for patient transport.
  • 225kg safe working load for hydraulic versions
  • Single pedal operation, corridor friendly castors
  • Corner bumper wheels
  • Handle bar
  • IV pole holder & O2 bottle holder
  • Drop down cot sides
  • Gas assisted back  & foot sections
  • MRSA resistant anti bacterial & fire retardant upholstery
  • *NEW*- World leading Linak ‘High Reliability’ actuators
  • Manufactured in the UK and CE Marked
Popular Options/ Accessories:
  • Paper roll holder
  • Detachable head rest
  • Breathing hole
  • Visco elastic pressure relief cushions
  • Clean edge base cover (electric only)
  • Patient security straps (shown)
  • Other standard accessories




Your couch is very robustly constructed and will operate for many years without attention. It also comes with a comprehensive parts and labour warranty to cover manufacturing or material defects of 7 years for the frame and 3 years for other parts.



Upholstery comes in 14 standard colours and 5 luxury colours. All of the upholstery is upholstered in durable and comfortable vinyl which inhibits MRSA (3352 Methicillin resistant to Staphylococcus Aurous) Bio-Pruf treated to resist the growth of mould, mildew and odour causing microbes. The Vinyl is also fire retardant. Most couches are available in 750mm extra wide upholstery, which offers improved general comfort and access especially when treating larger patients. Please kindly note that you will be required to include your vinyl selection as part of your couch order.

White Beige Sky Blue Ash Grey Mid Blue Dark Blue Brown Black Citrus Green Mulled Wine Pillar Box Marigold Candy Damson Luxury Dark Blue Luxury Sky Blue Luxury Red Luxury Beige Luxury Damson


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Mechanism Hydraulic

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