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  • 3 Section Bariatric Couch

    With the increasing requirement for examination couches with the capability of supporting extremely heavy patients, Medi-Plinth have designed a range of electric lift models that combine a safe working load/lifting capacity of 320kgs. They also feature extra wide upholstery for maximum patient comfort, select your preference of 75 or 100cm wide upholstery.
  • 3 Section Bo Plinth

    Our 3 Section Bo-Plinth is ideal for treating neurological conditions and head injuries, in heavier patients. Its wide, sturdy top makes the couch safe for the therapist to work, whilst ensuring comfort for the patient.
  • 3 Section Examination Couch

    Medi-Plinth's 3 Section couch provides great value with strength, elegance and reliability. While offering a robust platform for a range of medical procedures, this simple couch provides easy usage while maintaining patient comfort.
  • 3 Section Outpatients Plinth

    The Medi-Plinth outpatients plinth has been designed to enable examination/treatment and transportation within a department. Patient safety is enhanced with Chrome cot sides are fitted as standard to provide a more secure surface.
  • Beauty 3 Section Couch

    Benefiting from the proven Medi-Plinth medical couch design, which provides high levels of reliability and stability, for the medical market. For this cosmetic couch we have added stylish shaped, extra soft upholstery to deliver the a comfortable couch for a wide range of beauty treatments.
  • Drop End 3 Section Plinth

    Medi-Plinths 'Drop End' 3 Section plinth ensures optimum use of small spaces. The couch can be used as a traditional 3 section couch or adjusted into a chair. This enables patients to sit from the front or side and when fitted with appropriate optional accessories, this plinth can be used for a wide range of gynaecological and other procedures.
  • Medi-Plinth's entry level Ensignia 3 Section couch provides great value with strength, elegance and reliability. Offering a robust platform for medical procedures, this simple couch provides ease of patient transportation while maintaining patient comfort.
  • General Medical Chair

    Our general medical chair focuses on patient comfort, while providing a robust and sturdy work surface for general examination. In addition, the mid section is available with a tilting seat option, which creates a very natural seated position with the knees raised, providing a better position for the practitioner.
  • Multi-purpose Plinth

    Designed to work in a modern practice, this plinth is suitable for numerous procedures including phlebotomy, minor surgery, gynaecology and general examination. This 4 in one couch/chair has a foot section dropping to 85? so will easily fit into the smallest room, and allow patients to sit in a chair position.
  • Physio+ Three Section Plinth

    The new Physio+ 3 section utilises the highest quality materials and innovative design to give the clinician a robust platform from which to work. Trusted by medical professionals, the Physio+ 3 section offers great clinician access and patient positioning, whilst providing unrivalled reliability. A number of popular options and accessories can be added for versatility and cost effectiveness.