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  • 5 Section Plinth

    The five section design provides added comfort for patients lying on their front, as the therapist can lower the arm sections to a more comfortable and natural position. This couch comes with many features as standard including a breathing hole and gas assisted head & foot rests.
  • Day Care Couch

    Medi-Plinth's Day Care couch is ideal for patients that spend large amounts of time seated during examinations or treatments. Designed with patient comfort in mind, this couch features a linked castor wheel system that allows for patients to be transported both safely and with ease.
  • Dialysis Chair

    Medi-Plinth's dialysis chair is designed with comfort in mind for the duration of your patient's dialysis. The specially designed upholstery uses a composite of low and medium density shaped cushions to provide a combination of both comfort and support. This chair is also available with the option of a tilting seat section.
  • Echocardiography Plinth

    With a number of specific features to enable excellent positioning. The extended mid section provides comfortable seating, while the shaped backrest provides clinicians improved access to the patient. The padded support handles allow for patients to comfortably lie towards the edge of the couch with confidence.
  • Oncology Chair

    The Medi-Plinth Oncology Chair focuses on patient comfort, with soft armrests and a long backrest reaching head height. You also have the option to select a tilting seat section, which tilts to create a very natural seated position with the knees raised.
  • Podiatry Chair

    Medi-Plinth's podiatry chair focuses on patient comfort, with armrests and a long backrest reaching head height. In addition, this chair is available with the option of a tilting seat, this creates a very natural seated position with the knees raised, whilst providing a better position for the practitioner.
  • Postural Drainage Plinth

    The Medi-Plinth Postural drainage Plinth has a gas spring assisted middle section, which facilitates good drainage positions for all of the lungs whilst comfortably supporting the patient during procedures.
  • Medi-Plinth's ultrasound couch provides smooth and effortless patient positioning with electric variable height, electric tilt (providing Trendelenburg facility) and gas spring assisted back and leg sections.